Advanced Metrics and Modeling with Volumetric CT for Precision Analysis of Clinical Trial Results

Presenter: Larry Schwartz, M.D. | Radiologist, Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

This talk will focus on new methods for assessing drug efficacy in clinical trials, the results of the initial phase of the fNIH VOL-PACT initiative and next steps moving towards potential regulatory approval. A focus on optimal methods of assessing progression and if a “one size fits all” approach is preferred will also be covered. 

During this webinar, the speaker will discuss: 

  • The concepts of tumor kinetic modeling 
  • Methods of assessing progressive disease 
  • Collaborations for broader adoption of quantitative imaging biomarkers 

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Radiologist, Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Larry Schwartz is the Radiologist-in-Chief at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital and a Diagnostic Radiologist at the Columbia University Medical Center for the past 20 years. The focus of his work has been quantitative imaging biomarkers in oncology and in particular, utilizing CT and MRI, developing advanced imaging techniques and imaging biomarkers. Dr. Schwartz also contributed to the creation of multiple public databases for creating algorithms and for providing test data sets to other investigators. The CT reproducibility study is now available to investigators globally to evaluate algorithms and the performance of repeat CT scans. Dr. Schwartz is currently developing quantitative techniques to automate the calculation of tumor burden as well as metastases specific sites and developed quantitative feature analyses on CT and MRI to correlate with genomic data and clinical outcomes.