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Webinar Series

Novel Quantitative Immunohistochemistry Technology and Associated Applications

This webinar was led by Dr. Kenneth Bloom, Chief Medical Officer of Advanced Genomic and Pathology Services for Konica Minolta’s Precision Medicine Businesses.

In this webinar, Dr. Bloom reviews Konica Minolta’s quantitative and ultra-sensitive phosphor integrated dot (PID) nanoparticle technology. He also presents several associated applications and case studies.

Kenneth Bloom, M.D. FCAP

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About The Speaker

Kenneth Bloom, M.D., FCAP
Chief Medical Officer of Advanced Pathology and Genomic Services, Invicro

Dr. Bloom has more than 30 years of clinical experience and has been an early adopter of precision medicine. He is a renowned researcher and lecturer in pathology, cancer, telemedicine, and informatics.

Dr. Bloom recently joined Invicro as the CMO of advanced pathology and advanced genomic services. Prior to Invicro, he served as the President and head of oncology and immunotherapy at Human Longevity Inc., Chief Medical Officer of In Vitro Diagnostics at GE Healthcare, senior medical director at US Labs and director of laboratory operations at Rush Medical Center. Dr. Bloom has held a series of academic position as including Clinical Professor of Pathology at USC and CIO at Rush Cancer Center.