Industry-Leading Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI) Services

Bioluminescence imaging (BLI) offers a noninvasive approach to monitor cellular and genetic activities in real time within live animal subjects. To fully harness the capabilities of BLI, it's crucial to work with a team of top-tier experts adept at navigating its scientific intricacies and streamlining the otherwise time-intensive and complex processes. Invicro’s unparalleled expertise in BLI, backed by our rapid and precise data acquisition, a blend of cross-disciplinary knowledge, and over two decades of leadership experience, makes Invicro the premier choice for BLI services.


Learn how Invicro’s BLI services fuel preclinical programs by providing:


Accelerated Insights through employing staggered scanning workflows and proprietary analysis pipelines

24-hour reporting potential powered by automated segmentation and region of interest quantification

Advanced analysis and visualization that can include BLI movies and automated image display

Tumor burden readout by volume quantification with MRI

Scientific, industry-leading expertise in deep tumor models and gene transduction