Building a Data Workbench for Analytics and AI/ML Leveraging Amazon Web Services- Managed Services

Presenter: Anand Iyer | Principal Solutions ArchitectAmazon Web Services 

Leading technology companies, such as Netflix and Airbnb, are building on AWS to solve problems on the edge of the data ecosystem. While these companies show us what data and analytics make possible, the complexity and scale of their problems aren’t typical. Most of our challenges aren’t figuring out how to process billions of records to provide real-time recommendations to millions of customers. Instead, we struggle with wrangling the data that we have, finding and sharing insights from that data and then acting on them. This leads even the savviest data teams that have adopted tools, such as Jupyter notebooks, to either be bottlenecked by slow data pipelines or resort to a manual process to democratize insights for their stakeholders. 

In this session, the presenter will show what a cloud-first data science platform with dashboarding and notebook solutions, integrated with efficient data pipelines, could look like. 

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Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Mr. Iyer has more than 20 years of experience in solution architecture, product development and strategic partner enablement in enterprise software. In his role as a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, Mr. Iyer has enabled some of the largest enterprises to transform their businesses on the AWS Cloud.  With demonstrated technical leadership and domain expertise, Mr. Iyer has enabled global customers and partners to assess business needs and accelerate the implementation of industry solutions on the cloud. Mr. Iyer has a Master's degree in computer science from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge and an MBA from USC Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles.