Deep Quantitative Super-resolution for Integrative Studies of Neurodegenerative Disease

Presenter: Brian Avants, Ph.D. | Senior Director of Machine Learning, Invicro

Deep learning provides novel super-resolution that enhances neuroimages and mitigates the effects of limited resolution. These generic, pre-trained models can be applied in 2D and 3D to improve not only the perceptual impression but also the quantification of medical imaging. 

During this webinar, the speaker will discuss:

  • How deep super-resolution (DSR) improves both accuracy and reliability in volumetric studies of the brain
  • How DSR improves both longitudinal and cross-sectional effects size relating volumetrics to both clinical scores and non-imaging biomarkers
  • The effects of DSR on other modalities and on signal intensity

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Senior Director of Machine Learning, Invicro

As an interdisciplinary scientist with a focus on neuro MR, Dr. Avants has broadly explored the synergies between machine learning, brain mapping and mathematical modeling. Dr. Avants will utilize this expertise in developing computational and algorithmic advances to enhance Invicro’s imaging and data analytics platform. 

Within a single platform, pharma and biotech customers will value a robust solution that combines leading data management and domain knowledge modeling methods with state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence tools, bolstering Invicro’s analysis solutions in oncology, neuro, pulmonary, and other therapeutic areas.