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Translational Aspects of Intrathecal Drug Administration: Models, Methods and Dosimetry

This webinar focuses on translational aspects of intrathecal drug administration. The first half of the presentation covers data generation, including animal models, administration methods, and acquisition considerations. The second half of the webinar covers data processing, including quantitative analysis and radiation dosimetry.


Jacob Hesterman Ph.D.
Howard Dobson BVM&S, DVSc

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About The Speakers

Jacob Hesterman, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer and Founding Partner, Invicro

Dr. Hesterman’s team develops novel image processing, machine learning, and modeling methods; as well as image processing tools used to extract quantitative information supporting projects spanning multiple imaging modalities and therapeutic areas.

Prior to joining Invicro, Dr. Hesterman managed Bioscan’s NanoSPECT/CT project in Budapest, Hungary, and served as a visiting scientist in the Frangioni Lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital.

Howard Dobson, BVM&S, DVSc
Senior Director of Scientific and Medical Services, Invicro

Dr.  Dobson is a veterinary radiologist. Following his academic career, he worked in contract research for the last 15 years, with the last five at Invicro. In his role as Senior Director in Scientific and Medical Services, he is responsible for developing new preclinical and translational  studies.