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How MRI is Helping to De-risk Drug Development

Drug development is a lengthy and costly enterprise and as important it is to take a drug to registration, it is critical to be able to terminate candidates early in the process.  MRI plays a ubiquitous role in supporting go-no go decisions from pre-clinical studies to late phase clinical trials.  MRI provides either direct evidence, through primary biomarkers, or supportive evidence of drug effects.  Its non-invasive nature and radiation-free procedures allows for longitudinal studies to assess disease progression and/or its modulation by intervention.

In this webinar, we reviewed MRI’s role in drug development with specific examples in areas such as neurology, oncology, as well as its future development with the incorporation of advance analytics such as deep learning.



Lino Becerra Ph.D.

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About The Speaker

Lino Becerra Ph.D.
VP MRI, Invicro

Lino Becerra, PhD, recently joined Invicro as VP MRI to further consolidate and expand the Company’s capabilities to support studies utilizing MRI techniques from pre-clinical to clinical trials.  Previously, he was the Co-Director for The Center for Pain and the Brain at Harvard Medical School  as well as being a faculty member for over 20 years.  He has worked extensively in neuroimaging applications in neurological conditions.  He co-founded Descartes Therapeutics Inc., a biotech company that was dedicated to the development of drugs for chronic pain and was Co-Director of the Imaging Consortium for Drug Development (formed by Harvard, McLean, MGH, Merck, Eli Lilly, and Sepracor pharmaceuticals).