From Lumbar Puncture to Brain Parenchyma: Obstacles to Efficient and Repeatable Intrathecal Drug Administration

Presenter: Howard Dobson, DV.Sc. |Senior Director, Discovery and Preclinical Services, Invicro

This presentation will address the challenges associated with repeatable delivery of drugs to the brain by intrathecal injection and suggest some potential solutions and identify gaps in the understanding of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) dynamics. Each challenge and possible solution will be presented systematically, including the selection of the animal model, role of meningeal macrophages and the impact of CSF flow dynamics. 

During this webinar, the presenter will:

  1. Review the impact of anatomical differences on drug delivery 
  2. Outline the impact of CSF flow dynamics on drug delivery 
  3. Discuss why meningeal macrophages impact drug delivery and the impact of drug class on macrophage function 
  4. Identify potential solutions for variability between subjects in intrathecal drug delivery


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Senior Director, Discovery and Preclinical Services, Invicro

Dr.  Dobson is a veterinary radiologist. Following his academic career, he worked in contract research for the last 15 years, with the last five at Invicro. In his role as Senior Director in Scientific and Medical Services, he is responsible for developing new preclinical and translational studies.