Image Acquisition is Easy; Constructing Robust Data Analysis Workflows is the Challenging and Critical Part

Presenter: Kyle Kuszpit, M.S. | Head, Preclinical PET/CT Imaging, AstraZeneca

A typical preclinical PET imaging study can involve anywhere between 18 to 36 mice and up to four separate imaging time points yielding well over 1,200 regions of interest to draw and process for a single study. Without an efficient, reliable and at least semi-automated data analysis workflow in place, meeting project demands would very quickly become all but impossible, especially when supporting an ever-increasing portfolio of important and time-sensitive projects. In this talk, the data analysis processes developed, the platforms used, and future solutions that continue to be explored to ensure success in delivering timely and impactful imaging-based results will be discussed.

During this webinar, the presenter will:

  1. Demonstrate the pressing need for efficient, automated and reliable data analysis workflows given the increased importance and resultant abundance of imaging data in drug R&D
  2. Describe the current data analysis landscape in terms of available solutions and speak in detail about what has been done at AstraZeneca to accelerate data analysis output to meet these challenges
  3. Discuss the future impact imaging data will have on drug R&D and how increasingly sophisticated data analysis tools will revolutionize drug R&D and patient care and monitoring

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Head, Preclinical PET/CT Imaging, AstraZeneca

Mr. Kuszpit is a seasoned molecular imaging scientist with over 25 years of experience. Formally trained in Neuroscience at The University of Michigan, Mr. Kuszpit has developed a focused expertise in molecular imaging, particularly in PET imaging. Over his career serving academia, government and industry, the results of his work have enabled both preclinical and clinical efforts to develop biomarkers in several key therapeutic areas, including oncology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, infectious diseases and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Mr. Kuszpit has been instrumental in developing successful and enduring molecular imaging programs at several of the institutions he has been a part of, including in his current role as Global Head of Preclinical PET Imaging at AstraZeneca. In his current role, he functions in a team responsible for the strategic application of PET imaging biomarkers enabling both preclinical and clinical efforts.