Imaging Mitochondrial-ER-Synapse Dysfunction in Neurodegeneration – The MIND MAPS Programme

Presenter: Eugenii (Ilan) Rabiner, M.D. | Executive Vice President of Translational Applications,  Invicro

While neurodegenerative disorders may have multiple aetiologies (including genetic factors, toxins, inflammatory processes, etc.) mitochondrial dysfunction has been identified as a common feature of multiple neurodegenerative disorders, that go on to develop synaptic loss and ultimately loss of neurons.  Thus mitochondrial-synaptic axis may be an attractive target as a common biomarker of disease progression in these disorders.  

This webinar will discuss emerging data from the MIND MAPS programme (Molecular Imaging of Neurodegeneration – Mitochondria, Associated Proteins and Synapses), a pre-competitive consortium of industry and academia.  

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Executive Vice President of Translational Applications,  Invicro

Dr. Rabiner is a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist who was part of the team that set up the GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Centre, which transitioned to become Imanova in September 2011 and was later acquired by Invicro. Dr. Rabiner spent ten years at GlaxoSmithKline and was head of Clinical Imaging Applications at the Translational Medicine and Technologies group. 

Dr. Rabiner received a BSc in Physiology and Medical Biochemistry and a MBBCh, from the University of the Witwatersrand, and specialist training in psychiatry at the University of Cape Town. He was trained in molecular imaging at the MRC Cyclotron Unit, Hammersmith Hospital, London. 

Dr. Rabiner’s research interests focus on the application of molecular imaging to human pathophysiology, psychopharmacology and central nervous system drug development. He is an author of more than 140 peer reviewed publications.