Webinar Series

Invicro's webinar series brings together global thought leaders and scientific experts to share valuable insights and industry trends in drug discovery and development.  

Imaging in Immuno-oncology

Chaitanya Divgi, M.D.
Senior Medical Director, Oncology Imaging, Invicro
David Leung, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Director for Oncology Imaging, BMS

Imaging Biomarkers in NASH Drug Development

Matthew Silva, Ph.D.
EVP Scientific Applications, Invicro
Saleem Azeem, M.D., Ph.D. 
Head of Oncology & Respiratory Medicine, Invicro

Biomarker Imaging Applications for Oncology Drug Discovery

Joseph Krueger, Ph.D.
VP of Research and Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

Machine Learning & Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications

Jacob Hesternman, Ph.D.
Founding Partner and Head of R&D, Invicro

Imaging Biomarkers for Measuring Pharmacodynamic Effects on CNS Drugs

Dr. Ilan Rabiner
EVP Head of Translational Imaging, Invicro

How MRI is Helping to De-risk Drug Development

Lino Becerra, Ph.D.
VP MRI, Invicro

In Vivo and Tissue Molecular Imaging in Gene Therapy

Ken Bloom, M.D., FCAP
CMO Advanced Pathology & Genomic Services, Invicro
Matthew Silva, Ph.D.
EVP of Scientific Applications, Invicro

Cryofluorescence Tomography



Hemi Dimant, PhD, Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro
Robert Holt, PhD, Senior Scientist, Invicro


Molecular & Functional Imaging in Early Phase Drug Development

Dr. Eugenii (Ilan) Rabiner, FCPysch SA
EVP Head of Translational Imaging, Invicro

AmyloidIQ – An algorithm to increase power in clinical trials and automate radiological reads

Prof. Roger Gunn, Ph.D.
EVP, Quantitative Data Sciences, Invicro

Novel Quantitative Immuno- histochemistry Technology

Kenneth J. Bloom, M.D., FCAP
CMO of Advanced Pathology and Genomics, Invicro

Molecular Imaging and Alpha-Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

Chaitanya Divgi, M.D.  Senior Medical Director, Oncology
Ohad Ilovich, Ph.D.  Translational Research
Kelly Orcutt, Ph.D.   VP Discovery Research