Invicro's Advanced Pathology Services (APS) team works collaboratively with biopharma partners to provide comprehensive anatomical pathology services to support translational research and clinical trials for drug development spanning multiple therapeutic areas.

Amanda Bares

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Tissue Biomarkers

Education: Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Years of Experience: 3.5+ years

Location: Boston, MA

Dr. Amanda Bares is a biomedical engineer with expertise in biophotonics, fluorescence multiplexing, and laser/tissue interactions. Dr. Bares has a passion for science at the interface of biology light, and has developed this into a career in digital pathology, developing multiplexed immunofluorescence assays for a wide range of applications.





Devan Fleury

Senior Scientist, Pathology Image Analysis

Natia Peradze

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, Advanced Pathology Services






Omid Ghasemi

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Pathology Image Analysis

Education: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Location: Boston, MA

Years of Experience: 7.5+ years

Dr. Omid Ghasemi has more than seven years of research experience in imaging informatics and data analysis developing digital pathology pipelines for drug and biomarker development at different pharmaceutical companies. Currently, Dr. Ghasemi is leading efforts developing innovative image analysis applications across a wide breadth of Advanced Pathology Services projects.


Joseph Krueger

Ph.D. | Vice President of Research and Applications

Education: Ph.D. in Cancer Biology, Wayne State University

Location: Boston, MA

Years of Experience: 20+ years

Dr. Joseph Krueger's experience in oncology drug discovery and development, in two different pharma companies, led to his love for pathology endpoints and interest in artificial intelligence based image analysis of tissues, and desire to start a company in the field.

His depth of experience in pathology IA-AI was advanced by the challenges in immuno-oncology biomarker strategies during his time as CSO of Flagship Biosciences, and he continued to help build advances in the field for a variety of drug discovery and development areas as part of the multidisciplinary team at Invicro.

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