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Happy International Women & Girls in Science Day!

We celebrate Invicro's talented group of scientists for their commitment to making strides and advances in drug discovery and development across the therapeutic spectrum.


WomeninScience-HB_Sharon Ashworth

Sharon Ashworth 

Biology Operations Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Amanda Bares-1

Amanda Bares

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Tissue Biomarkers

Education: Ph.D. in Physics, University of Cambridge

Years of Experience: 25+ years

Location:  Boston, MA

Dr. Gerhard Engel has over 20 years of experience building enterprise software for pharma and other science-based industries. Dr. Engel has a background in Computational Physics, Modeling & Simulations, Chemical Informatics and Laboratory Processes. Before joining Invicro, he headed up software R&D operations at BIOVIA/Dassault Systèmes and has contributed to over 30 scientific publications.

WomeninScience-HB_Elizabeth Best-1

Elizabeth Best

Medical Writer II
WomeninScience-HB_Karen Briley-1

Karen Briley

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Discovery Research
WomeninScience-HB_Amy Cao

Amy Cao

Senior Image Analysis Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Rhea Chitala

Rhea Chitalia

Ph.D. | Scientist I, Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Chantal de Bakker

Chantal de Bakker

Ph.D. | Scientist I, Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Natalie Ertl

Natalie Ertl

Clinical Imaging Research Assistant
WomeninScience-HB_Zhen Fan

Zhen Fan

Ph.D. | Senior PET Modeller
WomeninScience-HB_Louise Fanchon-1

Louise Fanchon

Ph.D. | Scientist II, Dosimetrist
WomeninScience-HB_Denise Ferriaolo

Denise Ferraiolo

Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Southern CT State University

Years of Experience: 20+  years

Location: New Haven, CT

Ms. Denise Ferraiolo has 20+ years of experience in the clinical imaging space, managing Ph 1-3 clinical imaging trials with a focus in CNS/Neurodegeneration. Specifically, she has spent her career growing with the industry, guiding imaging operations through new innovations.

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WomeninScience-HB_Ciara Finucane

Ciara Finucane

Vice President, Discovery & Preclinical Services

Education: Master’s Degree in Forensic Science, King’s College London

Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology, Trinity College

Years of Experience: 15+ years

Location: London, UK

Ms. Ciara Finucane joined Invicro in January 2013 and specializes in nuclear techniques, including the evaluation of molecular targets for radionuclide-mediated diagnosis and therapy of cancer. With over 15 years of experience, her area of expertise is in preclinical SPECT and PET imaging and includes work with academia and pharmaceutical industry in the design, execution, and project management of nuclear imaging studies.

Ms. Finucane received her honors degree in Natural Sciences, in Physiology from Trinity College, Dublin and her Master of Science in Forensic Sciences from Kings College London. Prior to Invicro, Ms. Finucane was at the Bart’s Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University of London in the Center for Molecular Imaging to develop cancer therapeutic and imaging agents.

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WomeninScience-HB_Devan Fleury

Devan Fleury

Senior Scientist, Pathology Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Alexandra Gouasmat

Alexandra Gouasmat

Ph.D. | Director, Radiochemistry
WomeninScience-HB_Keryn Gresco

Keryn Gresco

Associate Director, DPS, Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Victoria hedges

Victoria Hegedus

Analysis Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Kelly Henry

Kelly Henry

Ph.D. | Scientist I, Discovery Research

Morgan Horner

Product Marketing Manager, Oncology
WomeninScience-HB_Shianne Hunter

Shianne Hunter

Analysis Manager



WomeninScience-HB_Amira Hussein

Amira Hussein

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, Discovery Research
WomeninScience-HB_Jibi Josi

Jibi Josi

MS | Senior Product Manager I
WomeninScience-HB_Amy Knorr

Amy Knorr

M.D., Ph.D. | Clinical Research Physician
WomeninScience-HB_Yvonne Lewis

Yvonne Lewis

MSc | Senior Clinical Project Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Morgan Lyon

Morgan Lyon

Senior Director, Discovery Research Operations

Education: M.S. in Medical Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Location: Boston, MA

Ms. Morgan Lyon leads operations and study management for Discovery Research at Invicro. After completing a graduate program in Medical Physics at Georgia Tech, she continued her training in nuclear medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital and earned a certificate in Nuclear Medicine Physics from the American Board of Radiology. Her research experience in SPECT instrumentation and reconstruction has spanned a variety of therapeutic areas in the pre-clinical and clinical setting.


WomeninScience-HB_Madeline Marlett

Madeline Marlett

Software Developer I Oncology, Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Gisela Montgomery

Gisela Montgomery

M.D., Ph.D. | Medical Director

M.D., Superior School of Health Sciences and 

University of Porto 

Ph.D. in Radiology (Breast Imaging), University of Utrecht 

Years of Experience: 8+ Years

Location: Boston, MA

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WomeninScience-HB__Meghan Pajonas

Meghan Pajonas

MBA, BSN | Director, Clinic Operations
WomeninScience-HB_Natia Peradze

Natia Peradze

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, Advanced Pathology Services
IMG_20190627_122213723-02_2 (1)

Lily Porat

Imaging Data Analyst
WomeninScience-HB_Claire Power

Claire Power

Scheduling Operations Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Elizabeth Quenneville

Elizabeth Quenneville

Senior Director, Operations
WomeninScience-HB_Allyson Randall

Allyson Randall

Senior Image Analyst
WomeninScience-HB_Gaia Rizzo

Gaia Rizzo

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Oncology Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Fiona Roberts

Fiona Roberts

Vice President, Site Operations - UK

Education: Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Years of Experience:  25+ years

Location:  London, UK

Ms. Fiona Roberts has over 24 years of experience in the molecular imaging field, and provides site leadership and oversight of all operational activities at the Invicro facility in London.

Ms. Roberts joined Invicro London (formerly Imanova) in 2015 as Clinical Operations Manager overseeing the delivery of imaging studies in support of clinical research. Prior to Invicro, Ms. Roberts held key commercial clinical operations roles at Alliance Medical and HCA International in London.  Previously, Ms. Roberts held instrumental roles at Austin Health in Melbourne, Australia and Guy’s and St Thomas' NHS Trust London, where she gained her clinical SPECT and PET imaging experience.

Ms. Roberts holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiations from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. 

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WomeninScience-HB_Beth Rodriguez

Beth Roderiguez

CNMT | Vice President, Project Management
WomeninScience-HB_Catarine Rua

Catarina Rua

Ph.D. | MR Physicist
WomeninScience-HB_Christine Sandiego

Christine Sandiego

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, Translational Research
WomeninScience-HB_Yvonne Shearley

Yvonne Shearley

Principal Study Coordinator
WomeninScience-HB_Erin Snay

Erin Snay

Associate Director, Imaging Services
WomeninScience-HB_Isha Sodhi

Isha Sodhi

Senior Project Coordinator Manager
Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart

Ph.D. | Senior Director, Discovery Research

Education: Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Boston University

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location: Boston, MA

Dr. Rachel Stewart's background is in musculoskeletal and rare disease imaging and orthopedic biomechanics.

WomeninScience-HB_Pascale Sylvestre

Pascale Sylvestre

QC & Analytical Chemistry Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Sac-Pham Tang

Sac-Pham Tang

Senior PET Biologist
WomeninScience-HB_Jenn Tavares

Jenn Tavares

Associate Director, Animal Care
WomeninScience-HB_Renee Tschopp

Renee Tschopp

MS | Senior Director, Project Management and Operations
WomeninScience-HB_Solenne Vaillant

Solenne Valliant

Ph.D. | Senior Study Manager
WomeninScience-HB_Xue Wang

Xue Wang

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, MRI
WomeninScience-HB_Lisa Wells

Lisa Wells

Ph.D. | Head of Discovery Neuroscience Applications


Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology, University of Surrey

Years of Experience: 15+ Years

Location: London, UK

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