iPACS® and VivoQuant 2021 Enhancements

Presenters: Yannick Cadoret | Senior Software Engineer, Invicro
Charmaine Liang | Director of Product Management, Invicro
Jonathan Pechan | Senior Product Manager II, Invicro

The Invicro software team has made significant improvements in the ability to submit, analyze, share and access information in clinical and preclinical imaging studies through our two flagship software products – iPACS and VivoQuant. The speakers will discuss how the features and enhancements provide best-in-class data management, workflow automation and analysis solutions to support your research programs and help your teams increase efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance. 

During this webinar, the speakers will discuss:

  • iPACS 2021 and VivoQuant 2021 features, highlighting new capabilities  
  • New enhancements to customizable workflows using business process module within iPACS 
  • The product roadmap for 2022 


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Senior Software Engineer, Invicro

With over 10 years of software engineering experience, Mr. Cadoret's focus is the design and development of Invicro's visualization and quantitative analytic software solutions, notably VivoQuant. In his role, he also works closely with the other groups to help develop analysis workflows and other data visualization components. Before that, Mr. Cadoret spent most of his time in Canada working for R&D research companies developing image acquisition and processing software for various camera-laser systems and data acquisition platforms.



Director of Product Management, Invicro

Ms. Liang brings over 15 years of software product management experience and has lead product and technical teams in a variety of industries and helped build products for Cigna, TE Connectivity, EMC, The Wall Street Journal, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. Most recently, she was leading product development for Backpack Health, a healthcare app allowing individuals and caregivers to manage health and wellness information, which was later acquired by Konica Minolta Precision Medicine. In her role as Director of Product Management at Invicro, Ms. Liang is responsible for leading product managers and working closely with engineering, marketing and other enterprise product software development teams.


Senior Product Manager II, Invicro

Mr. Pechan has been with Invicro since 2012. In that time, he has worked as an Image Analyst using iPACSVivoQuant and VivoScripts, led the Software Quality Assurance (QA) team, and worked with partners on custom projects. Currently, he serves as the product owner for iPACS working with the team to bring new features to life.