The IQ Analytics Platform: Amyloid-IQ, Tau-IQ and Dat-IQ

Presenter: Roger Gunn, PhD | Chief Scientific Officer

The IQ analytics platform uses spatial-temporal modelling of big imaging data sets, spanning the trajectory from health to disease, to extract salient canonical images that provides a parsimonious representation of the imaging biomarkers signal. These canonical images are then embedded in an IQ algorithm to optimally quantify the level of the target pathology. The IQ algorithms show increased power and performance over the methods that are currently used to quantify clinical trial imaging data.

In this webinar, Dr. Gunn reviews:

  1. How AmyloidIQ delivers increased power & performance for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials
  2. How TauIQ delivers increased power & performance for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials
  3. How DATIQ delivers increased power & performance for Parkinson’s disease clinical trials

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Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Gunn is an international expert on imaging for disease understanding and drug development. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Warwick University and has worked across Academia at Imperial College London, Oxford University and McGill University. Dr. Gunn has held numerous roles in Industry at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Imanova. He has also held positions within government labs, including the MRC Cyclotron Unit. Dr. Gunn has made significant contributions to the development of novel imaging biomarkers, quantitative algorithms and software for a wide-range of imaging applications with a focus on the neurosciences. He currently holds faculty appointments at Imperial College London and Oxford University and has 200+ publications in the field of imaging.