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Tissue-based Biomarker Imaging Applications for Oncology Drug Discovery and Development

In recent years, many innovative immuno-oncology-based therapies are being developed to treat multiple solid and hematological tumors. As many of these novel therapies are seeking to rely on biomarker-guided patient selection, numerous challenges remain that make it difficult to visualize, detect, and quantify clinically-relevant biomarkers needed to advance drug development initiatives.

In this webinar, Joseph Kruger, Ph.D. addresses the challenges associated with detecting and quantifying drug targets and explore the limitations associated with traditional testing methods. We discuss how our tissue imaging services help establish PK-PD-efficacy relationships and predictive response profiles.

After this webinar, you will understand how to:

> Track therapeutic cells or viruses and visualize immune cells and oncolytic virus trafficking in preclinical models using our novel three-dimensional tissue imaging technique, cryo-fluorescent tomography (CFT)

> Quantify proteins in the tissue context, such as novel drug targets (eg., CD47, STING, etc.) and the therapeutic itself (e.g., mAb, ADCs, Bispecifics etc.) using Phosphor Integrated Dot (PID) IHC-based nanoparticle tissue testing

> Identify clinically-relevant biomarkers and understand contextual relationship of immune cells by combining Immunohistochemistry (IHC) with our PID technology


Dr. Joseph Krueger | VP of Research and Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

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About The Speaker

Dr. Joseph Krueger
VP of Research and Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

Dr. Joseph Krueger serves as the Vice President of Research and Applications for Advanced Pathology Services at Invicro. In his role, Dr. Krueger is responsible for developing new biomarker applications to meet drug development needs,  and provides scientific expertise needed to support sponsor-based projects across therapeutic areas.

Prior to joining Invicro, Dr. Krueger was Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Flagship Biosciences Inc., where he led the R&D and Scientific efforts in applying novel quantitative tissue image analysis approaches to immuno-oncology and rare diseases to support drug and companion diagnostic development.  Prior to Flagship Biosciences, he served in senior scientific roles in oncology drug development for OSI Pharmaceuticals in Boulder, CO and Pfizer in Andover, MA. Dr. Krueger completed his postdoctoral fellowship at The Scripps Research Institute and The University of California, San Diego after completing his Ph.D. in Cancer Biology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.