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3D Tissue Imaging to Characterize Gene Therapies in Preclinical Drug Discovery

In recent years, gene therapies have shown exceptional promise in curing devastating rare genetic-based diseases by restoring normal cellular functions. With gene therapy approvals for diseases, such as childhood blindness (Spark Therapeutics, Luxturna) and spinal muscle atrophy (AveXis, Zolgensma), many novel candidates will be granted fast-track designation and eventual approval from regulatory agencies. For gene therapies to move from bench to bedside, visualizing the biodistribution of vector-mediated delivered genes is crucial in early-stage research studies.

In this webinar, we introduce cryofluorescence tomography (CFT), a unique 3D imaging modality that allows detection and visualization of vector-mediated gene expression across whole bodies and organs.

During the webinar, the speaker will:

  • Provide an overview of the CFT technology and how it is used in gene therapy research
  • Discuss how CFT addresses the challenges when looking to track the biodistribution of viral-based therapies
  • Present multiple case studies to reveal how it is applied to evaluate various systems, such as AAVs and ASOs
Hemi Dimant Ph.D., Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

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About The Speaker

Hemi Dimant, Ph.D.
Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

Hemi Dimant, Ph.D. currently serves as the Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services. In his role, he works closely with sponsors to design preclinical research studies, provide scientific recommendations, and data interpretation. Leading Invicro’s CFT contract research services, Dr. Dimant is responsible for the development and implementation of new applications across various disease areas. Dr. Dimant holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University, with a focus in neuroscience. With his extensive experience developing and applying fluorescent and optical tissue imaging techniques, he has held several R&D roles within the biotechnology space. At Third Rock Ventures, Dr. Dimant was a founding team member of Voyager Therapeutics.