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Molecular Imaging Agents in Development for IO Treatment Response

Imaging biomarkers play an increasingly important role in the assessment and prediction of immuno-oncology treatment responses. The recent emergence of PET radioligands, which facilitate visualization of molecular markers of immune cell activation, provides an attractive alternative to tissue biopsy when evaluating tumor immunologic status and treatment efficacy. Non-invasive imaging also enables the investigation of multiple lesions simultaneously and longitudinally, empowering new opportunities to identify and address heterogeneous lesion responses.  


Join Sean Carlin, PhD as he:

  • Reviews the novel immuno-oncology PET imaging agents moving towards clinical use
  • Describes how these agents are being employed
  • Discusses novel imaging metrics which may be used to annotate treatment efficacy

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About the Speaker

Sean Carlin, PhD
Principal Scientist, Invicro

Dr. Sean Carlin has >25 years of pre-clinical and translational radiopharmaceutical research experience and is an expert in radiation biology. Dr. Carlin also has a particular emphasis on the design and evaluation of radioligands and advanced pre-clinical nuclear imaging techniques. Dr. Carlin has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications and has served as principal investigator and co-principal investigator on multiple US federal grants and sponsored projects.

Prior to joining Invicro, he held faculty positions at Weill-Cornell Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Carlin holds a PhD in Molecular Radiopharmacology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland.