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Webinar Series

Cryofluorescence Tomography: A 3D Imaging Modality and its Applications in Drug Discovery

In this webinar, we demonstrate Cryoflourescence Tomography (CFT) and show its applications in drug discovery. CFT is an ex vivo fluorescence imaging modality in which serial sectioning and blockface image acquisition is conducted throughout the sample.

Using Invicro’s VivoQuant® software platform, fluorescent images are reconstructed into a 3D molecular image at mesoscopic resolution that is natively co-registered to a 3D anatomical white light volume. CFT can be used as a complimentary ex vivo endpoint for a longitudinal study and supports standard histology and immunostaining by enabling inline section collection, thus bridging in vivo imaging and conventional ex vivo histopathology.


Hemi Dimant PhD
Robert Holt Ph.D.

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About The Speakers

Hemi Dimant, PhD
Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

Hemi Dimant, PhD, is the Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services at Invicro. In his role Hemi manages and oversees the development and implementation of Invicro’s advanced pathology applications in various pre-clinical studies. Hemi holds a Ph.D in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University and has extensive experience in tissue imaging with a focus on fluorescence and optical modalities.

Robert Holt, PhD
Senior Scientist, Invicro

Robert Holt, PhD, did his graduate work at Dartmouth college studying optical transport and image reconstruction in molecular cancer imaging. He is currently a Senior Scientist at Invicro where he manages algorithm development for optical and ex vivo analysis.