Discovery of Novel AI-based Digital Biomarkers for the Development of Personalized Oncology Therapies


Belma Dogdas, Ph.D. | Senior Principal Scientist, Paige 

Joseph Krueger, Ph.D. | VP of Research and Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

Invicro and Paige have partnered to offer biopharmaceutical partners cutting-edge tissue profiling services. In this white paper, Joseph Krueger, Ph.D. from Invicro and Belma Dogdas, Ph.D. from Paige discuss how tissue biomarkers and novel digital pathology products will transform clinical diagnostics and drug development strategies, including the design of clinical trials and commercialization of companion diagnostics. The authors share their unique perspectives on the current challenges and needs, and how diagnostic-grade AI products will advance precision medicine across tumor types and therapeutic modalities.


Key Article Highlights:

  • Tissue-based biomarkers are essential in clinical diagnostics and personalized medicine.
  • Clinical-grade AI can be used to detect genomic alterations and protein expression profiles to identify/enrich patients for further molecular testing, or may be able to replace molecular-based testing.
  • Diagnostic-quality digital biomarkers will enable faster clinical trial enrollment and commercialization of predictive diagnostics that rapidly globalize access to cutting-edge personalized therapies.