PSMA-PET Webinar Series

Invicro's PSMA-PET webinar series features industry-leading KOL's who discuss the role imaging biomarkers play in the discovery and development of life-changing drugs for prostate cancer.

PSMA is a popular target for both imaging to identify the presence of prostate cancer and to deliver drugs directly to the cancerous cells. A PSMA-PET scan is a powerful molecular imaging technique that can accurately localize prostate cancer and assess tumors’ level of PSMA expression.


The speakers cover a wide range of topics including:

1) Imaging Lessons from the VISION Trial

2) Panel Discussion - PSMA: Imaging Biomarker Development

3) Imaging Biomarkers in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

4) Segmentation of Lesions in Whole-Body PET/CT Using Deep Learning

5) The Changing Landscape of Response Assessment in Oncology

Download the series below:

PSMA-PET Imaging Solutions

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Invicro is a full-service Imaging CRO that supports the development of PSMA-targeted prostate cancer therapeutics. We advance the standard of care by combining response criteria with advanced image analytics and AI to extract meaningful data. Our team of experts uses breakthrough technologies that support preclinical through late phase clinical trials.


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