Complete Radiopharmaceutical Therapy & Theranostics Services

Streamlined development, evaluation and clinical translation of radiopharmaceuticals requires a partner that has extensive scientific, regulatory and operational expertise. Working with a CRO that provides a complete solution ensures data is delivered in a timely manner to make a go/no-go decision on your imaging or therapeutic candidates.

Our radiopharmaceutical therapy capabilites include:

  • Radiochemistry development to optimize radiolabeling and determine stability/reactivity.
  • Preclinical proof-of-concept studies to identify therapeutic candidates for further evaluation.
  • Investigational New Drug/Clinical Trial Application submission support to ensure accurate therapeutic safety information is provided to regulatory agencies.
  • Seamless transition into clinical studies using preclinical data to support your selected candidate.
  • Clinical imaging core lab support to scale up into multicenter, global trials
  • GMP radiochemistry production and development support for imaging agents allows for streamlined clinical study set-up and execution.
  • Dosimetry to provide safety endpoints and quantitative image analysis to extract additional information from your data.