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June 11-14 | Booth #1438



Saturday, June 11 at 2:00PM PDT

Dosimetry in Multi-Center Trials- Case Studies

Session: CAT 7 | Image Quantification and Dosimetry in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

Presenter: Jacob Hesterman, Ph.D. | Distinguished Scientist, Invicro


Monday, June 13 at 1:20PM - 1:30PM PDT 

Phase 2 drug target engagement study of PLN-74809 in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis using a novel αvβ6 cystine knot PET imaging tracer

Session: All you want to learn about modern concepts in nuclear medicine

Presenter: Mirwais Wardak, Ph.D. | Instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine

Invicro co-authors:
Roger Gunn, Ph.D. | Chief Science Officer, Neuroscience
Gaia Rizzo, Ph.D. | Senior PET Scientist

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June 19-23 | Booth #1031

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Complete solutions for streamlined development, evaluation and clinical translation of radiopharmaceuticals

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Custom biomarker assay validation, development and AI-powered image analysis services to gain spatial tissue insights

Clinical Imaging Core Lab

Advanced scientific, medical and operational expertise to deliver global studies from    Phase I-IV


Primary method development for transfer from sponsor to label candidates, including biologics, small molecules, cells and more 

Image Analytics

Qualitative and quantitative image analytics for radiology and pathology studies, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence



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