Industry Expert Spotlight


Roger Gunn, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

Area of Expertise: 
- Image Analytics
- Neurology/CNS
- Oncology/Immuno-oncology

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Warwick University

Years of Experience: 30+ Years

Location: London, UK





How do you see imaging transforming the development of novel therapies?

"Imaging has the unique ability to provide non-invasive decision-making data in vivo in humans for novel drugs, including the measurement of drug concentrations in tissues, confirmation that the drug interacts with the intended target and to what degree along with pharmacodynamic measures of their impact on the disease process. These capabilities mean that imaging is well placed to make Go/No-Go decisions at multiple points during the drug discovery and development process."


What transformative breakthroughs will help drive further developments in precision medicine?


"The establishment of large imaging and multi-omic datasets in health and disease, combined with the evolution of computing infrastructure and the advancement of artificial intelligence techniques will revolutionize our ability to provide ever more powerful solutions to precision medicine questions in the drug development and clinical arenas."




What scientist (past or present) do you admire and why?

"Richard Feynman was a true genius and polymath whose gentleness, energy and inquisitive mind were there for all to see. He won the Nobel prize in Physics for the development of quantum electrodynamics, but it was his rare ability to enthusiastically communicate complex science in an understandable way to the layperson that will be recognized by most people, including his famous performance on the Commission investigating the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. And that does not even mention his legendary safe cracking exploits and bongo playing!"


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