Utilization of 3D Fluorescent Imaging in Multi-Modality Studies

Presenter: Hemi Dimant, Ph.D. | Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

In drug discovery research, various imaging modalities are used to inform on the pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, biodistribution and cellular localization of test articles. Even though a broad range of image resolution, temporal resolution and spatial resolution is required to answer biological questions, no single imaging modality is able to satisfy them all. With current imaging modalities, a large gap exists between traditional in vivo imaging that offers imaging of large volume samples with low resolution, while microscopy offers imaging of small volume samples with high resolution. Cryofluorescence tomography (CFT) bridges that gap by providing the resolution and sensitivity required. By filling that gap, CFT is utilized in multimodality discovery studies in which several scientific questions can be addressed in a single study.

During this webinar, the presenter will:

  1. Provide a brief introduction to the CFT technology and its latest applications
  2. Explain how CFT data can be combined with in vivo imaging data to answer complex research questions
  3. Present case study examples revealing how the technology is applied to answer questions in gene therapy, oncology and other non-traditional applications

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Director of Applications for Advanced Pathology Services, Invicro

Dr. Dimant currently serves as the Director of Applications for Invicro's Advanced Pathology Services. In his role, he works closely with sponsors to design preclinical research studies, provide scientific guidance, and data interpretation. Leading Invicro’s CFT contract research services, Dr. Dimant is responsible for the development and implementation of new applications across various disease areas. Dr. Dimant holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology from Tel Aviv University, with a focus in neuroscience. With his extensive experience developing and applying fluorescent and optical tissue imaging techniques, he has held several R&D roles within the biotechnology space. At Third Rock Ventures, Dr. Dimant was a founding team member of Voyager Therapeutics.