Utilizing Imaging Agent Biomarkers for Improved Patient Management – Challenges and Successes

Presenters: Gisela Montgomery, M.D., Ph.D. | Medical Director, Scientific and Medical Services, Invicro

Ohad Ilovich, Ph.D. | Senior Director of Translational Research, Invicro

Compared with conventional anatomical imaging, molecular imaging offers a wealth of information in the form of metabolic and proliferative profiling, antigen expression quantitation and target engagement validation. This added information often makes the additional complexity and cost of PET and SPECT imaging worthwhile as the effect on patient management is significant. We will discuss some of the successes and limitations seen with recently developed molecular imaging agents.

During this webinar, presenters will review:

  1. Successful molecular imaging agents
  2. Types of patient management changes
  3. Scientific basis of success/limitations of imaging strategies

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Medical Director, Scientific and Medical Services, Invicro

Dr. Montgomery is part of the Scientific and Medical Science (SMS) team at Invicro with a focus on oncology and systemic disease. Dr. Montgomery holds two medical degrees, one from the Superior School of Health Sciences, Brazil and another from the University of Porto, Portugal. She completed her residency in Radiology and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in breast cancer imaging. A couple of years ago, she moved to the US and concomitantly worked as a fellow researcher at The University of Texas and as a medical scientific director in the medical device industry. Dr. Montgomery has seven years of national and international experience in breast cancer imaging clinical trials phases I-IV, and published several scientific peer-reviewed manuscripts in journals, such as Radiology and European Radiology, as first author. She has expertise in protocol design, statistical analysis, imaging evaluation, regulatory affairs, artificial intelligence and business development.



Senior Director, Translational Research, Invicro

Dr. Ilovich leads the Scientific and Medical Science department's oncology and systemic disease effort. In this role, he oversees the scientific aspects of development and utilization of imaging biomarkers first-in-human and late phase clinical studies. He is an expert in the development and evaluation of novel radiolabeled agents for both imaging and targeted radiotherapeutics with a focus on oncology and immuno-oncology.