Invicro works closely with sponsors to drive the advancement of oncology research, supporting cancer drug discovery, the development of cancer imaging methods and tools that enable precision medicine.



Justin Albani

Senior Director, Imaging Services

Education:  Bachelor's of Science in Natural Science; Nuclear Medicine Technology, Worcester State College

Years of Experience: 11+ years

Location: New Haven, CT

Chantal de Bakker

Chantal de Bakker

Ph.D. | Scientist I, Image Analysis
WomeninScience-HB_Karen Briley-1

Karen Briley

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Discovery Research

Education: Ph.D. in Medical Physics, University of Uppsala

Years of Experience: 34+ years

Location:  Boston, MA

Dr. Karen Briley has worked in pre-clinical translational imaging for over 30 years. Indication areas include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, NASH, and other inflammatory diseases.


Marta Braga

Ph.D. | Imaging Scientist, Discovery Research

Benjamin Burke

Ph.D. | Senior Imaging Scientist

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, The University of Hull

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location: London, UK

Carlin_101129_28_Adj2 (2)

Sean Carlin

Ph.D. | Principal Scientist

Derek Cissell

VMD, Ph.D., DACVR | Director, Discovery Laboratory

Howard Dobson

DV.Sc. | Senior Director, Discovery and Preclinical Services
Louise Fanchon-2

Louise Fanchon

Ph.D. | Scientist II, Dosimetrist
Ciara Finucane

Ciara Finucane

Vice President, Discovery & Preclinical Services

Education: Master’s Degree in Forensic Science, King’s College London

Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology, Trinity College

Years of Experience: 15+ years

Location: London, UK

Ms. Ciara Finucane joined Invicro in January 2013 and specializes in nuclear techniques, including the evaluation of molecular targets for radionuclide-mediated diagnosis and therapy of cancer. With over 15 years of experience, her area of expertise is in preclinical SPECT and PET imaging and includes work with academia and pharmaceutical industry in the design, execution, and project management of nuclear imaging studies.

Ms. Finucane received her honors degree in Natural Sciences, in Physiology from Trinity College, Dublin and her Master of Science in Forensic Sciences from Kings College London. Prior to Invicro, Ms. Finucane was at the Bart’s Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University of London in the Center for Molecular Imaging to develop cancer therapeutic and imaging agents.

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Roger Gunn

Ph.D. | Chief Scientific Officer

Education: Ph.D. in Engineering, University of Warwick

Years of Experience:  30+ years

Location: London, UK

Dr. Roger Gunn is an international expert in PET neuroimaging with 30 years of experience designing and analyzing imaging studies for disease understanding and drug development. Dr. Gunn is also a Professor of Molecular Neuroimaging at Imperial College London and has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in the field of imaging with an H-Index of 65.

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Kelly Henry-1

Kelly Henry

Ph.D. | Scientist I, Discovery Research

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, Syracuse University

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Location:  Boston, MA


Edward Hogan

Chief Operating Officer

Education: Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Tufts University

Years of Experience: 28+ years

Location:  Boston, MA

Mr. Ed Hogan has over 28 years of experience in clinical research, managing and executing phase I-IV imaging trials in both the pharmaceutical and CRO space. He brings more than 19 years of experience in managing clinical operations, including extensive experience in building and leading global cross-functional operations teams, including project, image, data and reader management.

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Amira Hussein

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, Discovery Research

Education: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering (biomedical applications), Boston University

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location:  Boston, MA

Dr. Amira Hussein works with our sponsors and internal teams to design and execute pre-clinical imaging studies in various therapeutic areas including oncology, musculoskeletal and systemic diseases.


Dustin Kentala

Director, Scientific Services

Education: M.Sc. in Pharmacology, Michigan State University

Years of Experience: 16+ years

Location:  Boston, MA

Mr. Dustin Kentala has been working in the CRO industry for 16 years with 11 years as an imaging scientist, study director, or above specializing in in vivo imaging techniques such as: PET, SPECT and CT. In addition, his graduate research focused on ocular drug delivery and pharmacology with specific experience evaluating AAV-mediated gene delivery for inherited retinal diseases.

joe K

Joseph Krueger

Ph.D. | Vice President of Research & Applications, Advanced Pathology

Education: Cancer Biology, Wayne State University

Years of Experience: 20+ years

Location:  Boston, MA

Dr. Joseph Krueger's experience in oncology drug discovery and development in two different pharma companies lead to his love for pathology endpoints and interest in artificial intelligence-based image analysis of tissues, and his desire to start a company in the field. Dr. Krueger's depth of experience in pathology IA-AI was advanced by the challenges in immuno-oncology biomarker strategies during his role as CSO of Flagship Biosciences. Dr. Krueger continues to help build advances in the field for a variety of drug discovery and development areas as part of the multidisciplinary team at Invicro.

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Phillip Kuo

M.D., Ph.D. | Distinguished Scientist

Education: M.D.,Ph.D. University of Virginia

AB Chemistry, Harvard University

Years of Experience: 15+ years

Location: Boston, MA

Dr. Kuo was a tenured Professor in the Departments of Medical Imaging, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona. Beyond his academic work, Dr. Kuo has vast experience as a consultant, reader and speaker for CROs and pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Kuo has authored over 100 publications and has received numerous grants covering a diverse range of disciplines. Dr. Kuo received his A.B. from Harvard University, M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, completed his Internal Medicine Residency at UCLA Medical Center, and Diagnostic Radiology Residency and Nuclear Medicine Fellowship at Yale New Haven Hospital.

At Invicro, Dr. Kuo supports the design, performance and analysis of clinical trials and also supports regulatory approval and post-approval activities such as reader training.

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Morgan Lyon-1

Morgan Lyon

Senior Director, Discovery Research Operations

Sven Macholl

Ph.D. | Director, Discovery Research, Europe

Education:  Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Freie Universität Berlin

Years of Experience: 15+ years

Location: London, UK

Dr. Sven Macholl studied Chemistry in Kiel, Germany while in parallel, worked in the marine chemistry lab of the local institute of marine sciences. Dr. Macholl specialized in physical chemistry/chemical physics for his diploma thesis performing microwave spectroscopy of small molecules using quantum mechanics for analysis. Dr. Macholl spent time in academia in Berlin, Magdeburg and St. Petersburg, Russia in the related fields of NMR spectroscopy, clinical MRS & fMRI and experimental low field MRI. Dr. Macholl later joined GE Healthcare in the UK to perform research in the novel Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization technique with one of its inventors. Having spent time alongside medicinal chemists and the radio nuclear imaging scientists at the site, he then decided to join the radio nuclear R&D team as a physicist/image analyst and preclinical lab scientist working with rodents. 

Dr. Macholl joined Invicro in 2014 performing and managing preclinical imaging projects across all major imaging modalities. Currently, he manages the contract research performed at academic preclinical partner labs, as well as working with the neuro-imaging team in the UK and supporting the various preclinical and translational U.S. teams.


Patrick McConville

Ph.D | Vice President of Non-clinical Research Services

Gisela Menezes Montgomery

M.D., Ph.D. | Medical Director

Education: M.D., Superior School of Health Sciences and University of Porto

Ph.D., University of Utrecht

Years of Experience: 8 years

Location: Boston, MA

Dr. Montgomery holds two medical degrees, one from the Superior School of Health Sciences, Brazil and another from the University of Porto, Portugal. She completed her residency in Radiology and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in breast cancer imaging.

Dr. Montgomery has seven years of national and international experience in breast cancer imaging clinical trials phases I-IV, and published several scientific peer-reviewed manuscripts in journals, such as Radiology and European Radiology, as first author. She has expertise in protocol design, statistical analysis, imaging evaluation, regulatory affairs, artificial intelligence and business development.

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Filipa Mota

Ph.D. | Senior Scientist, Discovery Research

Ryan Petrulli

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Image Analysis

Education: Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Yale University

Years of Experience: 3+ years

Location:  New Haven, CT


Gaia Rizzo

Ph.D. | Associate Director, Oncology Image Analysis

Education: Ph.D. in Information Engineering/Specialization in Bioengineering, University of Padova

Years of Experience: 14+ years

Location:  London, UK

WomeninScience-HB_Beth Rodriguez

Beth Rodriquez

CNMT | Vice President, Project Management

Nick Sandella

Director, Imaging Services Support

Education: Associates of Applied Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Gateway Community Technical College

Years of Experience: 25+ years

Location: New Haven, CT


N.Santo Headshot

Nicholas Santo

Analysis Manager

Nicholas Sobol

Ph.D. | Scientist II, Discovery Research

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Missouri

Years of Experience: 7+ years

Location: Boston, MA


bwheadshot (1)

Brian Wood

Director, Project Management

Ken Zasadny

Ph.D. | Director, Research Programs & Translational Imaging

Education: Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan

Years of Experience: 31+ years

Location: Boston, MA

Dr. Ken Zasadny has a mix of academia and pharmaceutical industry experience. His career focus has been on quantitative molecular imaging by PET and SPECT for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.